Information Technology Case Analysis

Topics: Malware, Computer virus, Internet Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Chapter 7 IT’s about business 2

1. Describe the implications of the precisely targeted nature of the Stuxnet attack. Stuxnet was made based on the Siemens SCADA systems. Iran and a few other countries use that system for their nuclear or power plant power. The first inspection of the virus showed that the programmers had avery good knowledge of the SCADA systems. Also it spread out by USB ports instead of Internet, that was because the Natanz facility had no connection with the internet and the only way of transferring data was memory and flash cards. and the majority of the 30,000 infected IPs were placed in Iran. So some spy should bring that worm to a company inside Iran that had a close relationship or a contract with Natanz enrichment facility and that might be the start of spreading the virus. Some experts believe that it took about six month for the worm to reach its target. They believe that the form first gathered good information of the facility and a map of internal network and sent it out in the same way. Then by a trigger it starts to act. Also the action of worm was to slow down and then speed up the centrifuges by sudden to destroy the enrichment process. These facts together make the belief among experts that Iranian enrichment facilities were the only target of the worm.

2. What does the statement mean that “nations use malware such as the Stuxnet worm when their only alternative is to go to war.” It shows the power of malwares and how they can be used as a weapon to destroy enemy’s abilities. The terms Cyber war, cyber-attacks, and cyber-defense also shows the power of this malwares and how countries rely on them to understand the enemy’s power and destroy that. There was another worm after Stuxnet, named Flame that was data mining all Iranian computers to find valuable information and send that to unknown servers in different countries. Some experts call these malwares cyber-weapons. A reports shows that the use of malware...
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