Information Technology Audit on the Philippine Retirement Authority

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An Information Technology Audit on the

Philippine Retirement Authority
Special Retiree Service Syste

The previous paper illustrated the present state of the Philippine Retirement Authority, its processes, and finally concluded with an assessment of its the SWOT elements. This report follows up by asking: Given its vision of developing the Philippines into a retirement haven, will investing in information technology bring the PRA closer to its vision?

We believe that there is enough impetus to pursue investments in information technology for reasons that many tourist entries are enjoyed by the country, while the number of retirees is expected to dramatically increase as worldwide populations, particularly baby boomers, age. Given the PRA's current membership level of 3,600+ members, there exists a potential for at least 15,000 members by the end of 2010. In the face of peace and order, austerity measures, and foreign competition, the benefits seem to far outweigh the risks.

It is with this conclusion that a 2-pronged approach is recommended in order to move the PRA closer to its vision. These are: (1) Enhancing marketing capability which will lead to higher sales, and (2) Building operational capacity through the creation of efficient processes, and introducing new and radical means of doing things.



With the new capabilities that can be developed, the business process of PRA can be enhanced to shift from a procedure-based perspective into a more qualitative marketing and servicing oriented through st. A projected business process may be designed as follows:

4.1 Build/Maintain Strong Market Presence
From the current "hunting" approach that involves looking, approaching and convincing clients to know about PRA and the SRRV Program, a more dynamic through st can be established. The activities that will be covered by this step will include the expansion of accreditation of resorts, hotels, travel agencies, service/medical/care-giving facilities as well as networking with local and international marketers. The interactive website can serve as the web portal of the retirees for their special and various needs. The site may be able to generate interest among foreigners and former Filipinos. From a low-profile government agency, it is important for PRA to make itself felt and to push itself into the attention of the retirees market. The prospecting and invitation steps in the current business process will also be included in this step. All marketing communications in every media channel will also fall in this process.

4.2 Develop Client Relations
This step begins when a prospective retiree client initiates contact with PRA in whatever communication channel he or she may use (phone, postal mail, courier mail, fax, personal or walk-in, text or email). This second step is essentially geared on creating and establishing positive relationship with the prospective retirees, the clients. This step will cover the activities from entertaining of inquiries, briefing clients about what the program is all about, up to entertaining applications. Moreover, this step will emphasize the gradual earning of the trust and confidence of clients on the SRRV Program, on the PRA and on the country as a whole. Aside from the activities that must be performed, the qualitative dimension of the client's experience of the PRA Brand should be considered as a very critical factor.
4.3 Formalize Program Membership
This part of the process will involve the processing of applications, issuance of the SRRV and up to the ceremonial activity of Oath Taking by the new retiree member. Again, the relationship aspect of this step includes the conditioning of the new retiree member as having been taken under the protection and community of the organization. This is vital in...
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