Information Technology and Rural Marketing in India

Topics: Marketing, Agriculture, Mobile phone Pages: 7 (2062 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Dr. Parag R. Kawley
(M.Com. B.Ed., Ph.D.)
New Arts, Commerce & Science College,
Wardha – 442001 (MAH.)
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Dr. Ravish A. Sarode
(M.Com., M.Phil., M.A.(Eco), Ph.D.)
Associate Professor,
R.S. Bidkar College,
Ta. Hinganghat, Dist. Wardha.
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Many of the developing countries have faced a complex set of challenges due to political and economic marginalization, inappropriate government policies, and inadequate access to domestic and cross border markets, frequent and recurring droughts and other climate and environmental shocks. All these factors have led to a chronic food insecurity and high vulnerability in the areas inhabited by these communities, thereby threatening the livelihoods of millions of people. Communication and access to information and knowledge are vital for the economic development, alleviation of hunger and the overall improvement of the livelihood of the developing countries. Access to information and improved communication is a crucial requirement for sustainable agricultural development. Modern communication technologies when applied to rural areas can help improve communication, increase participation, disseminate information and help share knowledge and skills. However it has been observed that the majority of rural population in Asian countries still has difficulty in accessing crucial information in order to make timely decisions. It is essential that information availability is demand driven rather than supply driven. The challenge is not only to improve the accessibility of communication technology to the rural population but also to improve its relevance to local development. The global revolution in information and telecommunication technologies has created an opportunity to remedy the situation and to assist livestock producers, development practitioners, researchers and policy makers to make informed decisions and identify appropriate choices and strategies to cope with and mitigate the effects engendered by constraints in the pastoral livestock sub-sector.

Up until about ten years ago, nearly all data processing could be summed up in a single word: computers. Today, this term has given way to the broader descriptor information technology, which has become generally accepted. It refers to a rapidly expanding range of services, methods, techniques, applications, equipment, and electronic technologies used for the collection, manipulation, processing, classification, storage, and retrieval of recordable information and knowledge. At this time, such technologies include, but are not limited to, computers, software, high-capacity storage, networks, telecommunications, databases, multimedia, training, the internet and its world wide web, geographic information systems (GIS), online services, video conferencing, electronic mail, and expert systems: in short, all technologies related to the acquisition, storage, recovery, transfer, manipulation, and delivery of data, sound, and graphics, including video.

Marketing involves finding out what customers want and supplying it to them at a profit. This description stresses two crucial points that govern marketing i.e. firstly; the whole marketing process has to be customer oriented. Production must supply customers with what they want (or) need. Secondly, the marketing is a commercial process and is only sustainable, if it provides all the participants with a profit. Marketing can also be defined as the series of activities involved in making available services and information, which influence the desired level of production relative to market requirements and the movement of the product (or commodity) from the point of production to the point of consumption. This definition covers the services such as providing information...
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