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1.0 Introduction of Information Technology
As we know that, information technology is an apprehensive with technology treat by information. In actuality, we use information technology to refer a complete industry. Besides that, information technology is used of computers or software to arrange information. In some companies, they call as Management Information Services. Furthermore, some advanced information technology department companies will be respond more strong information, protecting information, processing information, manage information and so forth.

Moreover, the places would use information technology which is hospital, office, school, college and so on. As an example in hospital, they use the information technology to manage their document and patient’s information. Secondly, offices are using information technology because they want to remember more information and document and send that information to customers.

2.0 Introduction of Backups

Firstly, the backups are the copying files and databases, so that it will save in another case or equipment error and other calamity. Secondly, backups usually are used to the operation large and small business who will manage backup also as well as every day. Besides that, the personal users, the backup also very important but often neglected. The retrieval of file you backed up is calling storing them.

2.1 Local Backup
Local backup is the most easy and important for the computers. Local backups are kind of backup is where to storage and kept at hand or in the same building as the source. It is the second internal hard disk drive, and connects internal hard disk drive, CD/DVD-ROM. The local backups can be protecting data and digital from hard drives error or virus attack. They also afford protection from deleted and mistakes. Since the backups we bring every day, they are always close and fast convenient and store.

2.2 Full Backup
Full backups are a way of backup where all the files and folders selected for the backup will be backed up. When consequent backups are running, the all of backup list will be backed up again. The merit of this backup is restore are fast and easy to complete all the time but the fault is the each backups list are running same time they are be copied again. Also, the full backup is use a lot more storage space.

2.3 Differential Backup
Differential backup is a backup of change all since last full backup. A differential and a full backup, is done the first and consequent backup’s runs change since last time the full backup. The result about the differential is increase the speed for each backup run. Besides that, differential backup use the storage space is less than full backup but more than with incremental backups but the restores are slower than a full backup but faster than incremental backups.

2.4 Mirror Backup
As the name suggests is mirrored backup mirror backup source. Mirror backup, when a file is deleted in the source, the file will be deleted eventually mirror backups. Because of this, mirror backup, caution should be used either as a file is accidentally deleted, or through a virus that causes the image backup is deleted.

2.5 Incremental Backup
Incremental backup is a backup since the last backup of all changes made. A full backup and incremental backup, subsequent backups run to complete the first and only since the last backup the changes. The result is a much faster backup, and then run a full backup of each backup. Storage space used far less than less than full and differential backups. Recover faster than full and differential backups.

2.6 Full PC Backup or Full Computer Backup
Full Computer Backup complete PC backup usually involves a computer hard drive, rather than an individual file and folder backup the entire image. Drive Image is like a snapshot of the drive. Can be stored in compressed or uncompressed.

With other file backup, only the user's documents, pictures, videos and...
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