Information Technology

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ITC 101
Chapter 5
1. Standalone computers increase employee productivity as much as computer networks. () 2. Computers can exchange data over networks of clearly delineated size. () 3. The major problem of discovery is the huge amount of information available. ( ) 4. Metasearch engines search several engines at once and integrate the findings of the various search engines. ( ) 5. Commercial portals are intended for broad audiences and offer fairly routine content. ( ) 6. Electronic mail is the largest-volume application running over the Internet. ( ) 7. A blog is a personal website open to the public in which the site creator expresses his or her feelings or opinions. ( ) 8. A wiki is a personal website open to the public in which the site creator expresses his or her feelings or opinions. () 9. Business should pay close attention to what bloggers are writing about them and their products. ( ) 10. Web 1.0 sites were interactive, where Web 2.0 sites deliver information to users who receive it passively. () 11. Really simply syndication is a Web development technique that allows portions of Web pages to reload with fresh data instead of requiring the entire Web pages to reload. () 12. If you want to construct your own customized newspaper, you would use really simply syndication. ( ) 13. Social networking sites can be a useful way to find like-minded people online. ( ) 14. Web services are applications, delivered over the Internet, that user can select and combine through almost any device. ( ) 15. E-learning is only done in virtual classrooms, where all coursework is done online. () 16. Virtual universities are online universities from which students take classes from home or at the off-site location, via the Internet. ( ) 17. Employees who telecommute have generally found that the experience enhances their careers. ()

Chapter 6
1. In traditional commerce, one or more of the product or service, the process and the delivery agent can be digital. () 2. Going to the Website of a car manufacturer (eg., entering the specifications for the car you want and then picking up your car at your local dealership is an example of partial electronic commerce. ( ) 3. eBay is a good example of business-to-consumer electronic commerce. () 4. Forward auctions are used mainly as a selling channel. ( ) 5. Even though B2C electronic commerce is much larger by volume, B2B is more complex. () 6. An electronic storefront is a website on the Internet representing a single store. ( ) 7. Selling products such as books and computers on the Internet may reduce vendors’ selling costs by 20 to 40 %, with further reductions being difficult because the products must be delivered physically. ( ) 8. Virtual banks are those banks dedicated only to Internet transaction. ( ) 9. Channel conflict occurs when click-and-mortar companies have problems with their regular distributors when they sell directly to customer online. ( ) 10. Internet advertising is impersonal, one way mass communication. () 11. Banners are the most common form of advertistment on the Internet. ( ) 12. Hacking is the indiscriminate distribution of electronic ads without permission of the receiver. () 13. B2C applications comprise the majority of electronic commerce volume. () 14. The key mechanisms in the seller-side marketplace are customized electronic catalogs and reverse auctions. () 15. The buy-side market place is similar to the business-to-consumer model. () 16. Horizontal exchanges connect buyers and sellers across many industries. ( ) 17. In most cases, traditional payment systems are not effective for electronic commerce. ( ) 18. Smart cards can be used as credit cards, debit cards and/or loyalty cards. ( )

Chapter 7
1. Wireless computing does not really affect productivity. () 2. Wireless is a term used to describe telecommunications in which...
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