Information Technology

Topics: Customer, Small business, Customer service Pages: 3 (760 words) Published: March 13, 2013
* 1. Sew What? Inc. The Role Of InformationTechnology In small Business success. Presented By :- Prashant Verma (2k12mkt06) Snigdha Garg (2k12mkt10) Itishree Sahoo (2k12ib05) Rajdeep Singh (2k12bfs18) Abhishek Singh (2k12bfs01) * 2. Company IntroductionEstablished in 1992, Sew What? began by designing, manufacturing and installing theatrical draperyand stage curtains. Strong company values and a clear mission statement combined with unwaveringdetermination to provide a “customer-centric” service have helped establish a loyal customer baseand the reputation as the Theatrical Drapery Manufacturer and Custom Sewing Service for the touringindustry.Sew What? has manufactured soft goods fornumerous artists, including Maroon 5, SlipKnot, Green Day, Avril Lavigne, Sting, DaveMatthews Band, Rod Stewart and Don Henley.Prestigious drapery installations for theatres such asthe historic "Victoria Theatre" in Santa Barbara, CAare the result of competitive pricing andmanufacturing.Emphasis on customer service, consistent deliveryof quality products and timely deliveries hasresulted in steady growth for the Corporation.Having recently expanded, Sew What? nowoccupies a 15,000 sq ft building in RanchoDominguez, CA, and employs an experienced staffof 33. * 3. History Of DiscussionMegan and her team Strive to deliver outstanding design,craftsmanship and services to every client, from some of thebiggest names in the music business, to small elementaryschools on a budget.Still , the business didn’t really take off until they married thiscenturies-old craft with new technology with the help of delland intel. In fact, it’s their use of technology that has earnedSew What? The 2006 National Federation of IndependentBusiness (NFIB) Small-Business Excellence Award.Through information technology, Sew What? was better able tomanage critical elements of their business such as the storing oftheir clients’ information as well as financial records. * How do you go about making a...
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