Information Systems Coursework

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1. Discuss and apply an appropriate framework or tool? to help the company analyse potential of IT systems to achieve a competitive strategy. 25 marks| IT systems framework tool application and discussionPt 1IT is playing an expanding role in business. IT can help improve business processes, managerial decision-making & strengthen their competitive position in an ever-changing marketplace.Pt2STAR organisation need to consider the appropriate IT system that matches the ability and desire of their enterprise at the current stage. STAR organisation intends to go global however lacks established IT systems such as IS specialists and other hardware, software, data and network resources to achieve its aspirationPt3,4Although going global through the Internet-based IS is playing an important role in businesses today, it also brings added security risks such as online cyber-attacks. This means that STAR organisation will have to invest more financial resources in obtaining the necessary people, hardware, software, data and network resources to achieve its goals.Pt5,6,7,8Our suggested framework for STAR organisation is based on the idea that STAR organisation intends to go global by setting up regional offices that communicate and share information with its head office in Leeds. As such the goals of our recommendation are to:Support STAR organisations existing business processes and operationsSupport current decision-making especially those structured and semi-structured decisions that are made on the factory floorSupport strategies for competitive advantage such as CRM systems that can be data-mined to cater more valuable products to customers and provide a better operating return.Pt 9,10An information system is a system that collects data inputs, transform or processes them into information and disseminates and stores them for the organisation. The following diagram adapted from x shows what managers should know about information systemsPt11,12,13People...
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