Information Systems Analysis Assignment 2013

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Information Systems Analysis

Call Centre

March 2013

Friday 1st February 2013

Table of Contents

1Information Systems Analysis and Methodologies

1.1Definition of Knowledge Management System (KMS)
According to (2012) a knowledge management system is a ‘computerized system designed to support the creation, storage, and dissemination of information.’ An organization uses this kind of information system to organize data and information electronically rather than manually, as this is inefficient and disastrous to the organization. This system is also used to improve communication between departments. This system contains a structured repository for holding information, i.e. a database, and employs a variety of search tools, enabling the system users to find answers to their questions efficiently.

1.2Components of a KMS
There are seven (7) components:
Part of the organization’s key issues and needs should be the KMS, so it can give a framework for addressing these. 1.2.2Actors
Central to the KMS is people (the users). There are different roles for carrying out various activities involved in a KMS. 1.2.3Infrastructure
In order to work properly, a KMS must have a structure.
A KMS enhances projects that are knowledge-intensive e.g., creation (or acquisition), evaluation, organization, distribution, maintenance, edition and application of knowledge. 1.2.5Delivery
A KMS requires a knowledge management service
A KMS will store content to aid in functionality
1.2.7Continuous Improvement
A KMS will be continually reviewed and maintained to ensure it meets business requirements.

1.3How does a KMS work? (in relation to call centre)
Knowledge Management Systems as stated by (2013) ‘provide customer service operators with a great deal of information about each customer.’ The information include open orders, billing, inquires and complaints. Such systems used in call centers are known as Customer Service Systems. Part of this system is the Technical Support Staff. The Service Operators would pass on the complaints of the customers to the technical staff and the customer would liaise with the technician. According to (2013) ‘with each question asked by the technician, and answered by the customer, the knowledge management system comes closer to a conclusion.’ This indicates the kind of communication between the operators and technicians. The customer is then given an explanation of the cause of the problem and the way to fix it. Another part of the system is the Finance Department, because the contact operators need to communicate with that department to provide customer data relating to billing.

1.4Benefits of using a KMS in Call Centre
Implementing a knowledge management system in the call centre would be very beneficial as it would rectify the problems plaguing the current information system. As explained above, such a system is mainly applied to customer service contact centers. The system would greatly improve communication between the customer service department and all other departments of the call center. There would not be any software failure due to the volume of data for processing. This is because it has an inherent database and typical KMS software. The technical department would be able to receive relevant data from the customer service department in order for them to resolve any issues or complaints the customer may have with their electricity service. One of greatest dilemmas in running call centers, as stated by (2012) is ‘making sure customers are getting consistent, accurate and timely information.’ Seeing that Customer Service is the purpose of the center, handling customers and their data comes before the issues of other departments. The finance department the of call center and system would function more efficiently as it would receive relevant...
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