Information Systems

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In today’s world technology is growing significantly and there is no stoppage in its growth. There was a time when computer networks were only used by scientists and engineers, but nowadays, our life has completely changed and instead rotates around computer networking, from school, libraries and Businesses. (U.S, Congress, 1993) The technological change in today’s business is the result of computer usage and information technology systems, which has improved the efficiency, and competitiveness of a business. Technology has led to store, analyse and process data, which can be used by the information system users. (Riley, 2012)

Information system is a system, which creates, processes and retrieves information. It is a surrounding system to information technology, which is software, hardware, and communication infrastructure. Information system comprises of people, policies and procedures. It can be said that an information system is a system, which is designed by the people, for the people. There are many information systems for different organisation depending on their working structure. It is the center point for any organisation as most of the work in an organisation is based on the data and information that is stored and processed in an information system. There can me many reasons for its failure, which includes environmental, organizational, project and technical. Sometimes the human workforce is not capable enough to understand the information system, which also results in its failure. (Heeks, 2002)

The current information system of Aidensfield hospital is poor, as it does not have proper system of communicating, storing and retrieving information and data, which is necessary for running of operational support department. In this easy, as a consultant I would suggest appropriate information system to senior management based on the understanding of this case study, which Aidensfield hospital can adopt to become more cost effective and successful.
The senior management beliefs that the problems studied before about the weak organizational structure and poor leadership in Aidensfield hospital management can be overcome by introducing an effective information system.

The current system in the hospital is not up-to-date to maintain the records and data. There was no clear storage of data and information. The data was inaccurate and unfit for making any decision for the organisation. It is very important to have an accurate database system to record the activities of an organisation so that different departments of the organisation can monitor the database and they can make decisions accordingly. It can reduce the duplication of information and also results in sufficient flexibility across all departments. It is a good way to keep records in a structured manner. (Hardcastle, 2011) The staff did not use the HRIS effectively because of lack of knowledge. There is also an evidence of unconnected systems between the departments, poor information systems that makes it difficult to maintain records and data. All this is because of lack of understanding to use the current systems by the untrained staff, which turns out to be costly and demotivating. According to the case study, there is no proper training given to the staff, which results in inaccurate information. It also results in system failure. The HRIS system is used to acquire, analyse, store, retrieve, manipulate and distribute information. It is a complicated information system and requires professionals to use it. HRIS could be used for administrative purposes as well as for decision-making. HRIS also provides effective information to both external and internal customers. The organisation size plays an important role in determining whether the organisation should adopt HRIS or not. The HRIS is more suitable for large organisation as it involves both...
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