Information Systems

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Developing an Information System
Information system (IS) is the merging of information technology and the activities carried out by the people in an organization to support operations, such as management and decision making. IS is mainly referred to the interaction between people, data, processes, and technology.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. People, who make the IT specialists such as Database Administrator and Network Engineer. Software, which consists of System Software, Utility Software, and Application Software. Hardware, which consists of the whole physical aspect ranging from peripherals to computer servers. Data, which is all the databases and knowledge stored in the IS. Network, which consists of the media communication and network support.

A company has a revenue of £10 million and have ten branches.  An organization needs a new Information System and have hired you to develop it for them. Design a system which will include software, hardware, website and anything which you think will be beneficial for the organization.

With a budget plan of £10 million the key areas where the company shall invest must be:

Area of Investment Creating a central hub to monitor all other systems, "Office Information System". Software/ Hardware platform consisting of Application Software/ Management Software, and Audio Visual equipments. Professional outsourcing management services, to improve guarantee system, longterm operation, maintenance outsourcing. Document Security, to improve stability operation log, and protect company data. It also includes speech recognition technology, with user identification. Audio Visual conferencing management system, including intelligent central control system, meeting room management, and meeting process management. Document processing and management, which comprises of distributions, work flow, fast retrieval, storage backup, and output management.

Budget Allotted (in million)

£ 3.00 £ 2.00...
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