Information System Strategy Analysis on Adamson Hotel

Topics: Management, Customer relationship management, Hotel Pages: 60 (17078 words) Published: August 26, 2013
1.0 introduction5
1.1 Background5
1.2 Vision & Mission5
1.STEEP Analysis6
2.SWOT Analysis11
1.Threats of substitute14
2.Rivalry among current competitors (High)14
3.Bargaining power of buyers (High)15
4.Bargaining power of suppliers (Low)15
5.Threat of new entrants (Low)15
4.McFarlan’s Strategic Grid page16
1.Support (Current and future low)17
2.Strategic (Current High, Future High)17
Security system (CCTV)18
Turnaround (Currently low, Future High)18
Mobile payment system18
E-Training system19
5.Business Objectives and Strategic Approach20
Objective 120
Strategic approach20
Objective 220
Strategic approach20
Objective 320
Strategic Approach:20
4.0Earl’s Approach21
4.1Earl’s Top down Approach21
1.1Earl’s Bottom up Approach26
1.2Inside Out Approach29
4.3.2 Fishbone diagram analysis29
IS Initiatives Implementation31
Individual part –by TAQI MOHAMMED ALI (TP021351)34
Risk and return portfolio35
Analysis of IS initiative above37
Risk & Return Portfolios Setting Priorities39
Gant chart40
IS Implementation method41
Justification Implementation Method for Each Proposed System42
IS Initiative Glittering prizes System44
Food Inventory planning time45
Risk and Management45
Critical Reflection47
Individual Part- Abdullah Ali HEJAIR (TP020676)51
1.Part one51
2.Risk /return portfolio51
2.1 Risk 5 IS initiatives51
2.2 Early success52
2.3 Glittering prizes54
2.4 Sweetmeats54
2.5 Backburner55
3.Initiative table56
4.Proposed implementation schedule (Gantt chart)56
1.Part 2: Implementation57
1.2 Justification of choosing the implementation methods58
2.Implementation plan59
3.Service management system implementation:60
Critical evaluation:61
Individual Part- Nowar (TP019289)62
Risk and Return Portfolio62
Early successes:63
Glittering Prizes:68
Automated financial processes.68
The outcomes of the system:69
Functionality of tracking existing employee data like personal details, accomplishments and salary.69
Complete integration with payroll and other hotel financial software and accounting systems.69
Risk &Return Portfolio71
IS Initiatives Implementation Plan72
Information System initiative selection for Adamson hotel:-74
System Development Strategy74
Parallel Operation75
Pilot Operation75
Recommended Implementation Method:-76
Potential issues during implementation:-76
Implementation Schedule/Activities:77
Critical Reflection78
Individual Part- Ali Ali Ahmed Aldhayani(TP022039)80
Strategy Development80
Risk and return portfolio80
Early success:81
Glittering Prizes81
Back burner82
Information System Selection for Adamson Hotel83
Hotel RFID solution83
System Implementation Method84
System Deployment Strategy84
Direct Cutover84
Phased Operation84
Five Years IT plan for Adamson Hotel85

Executive Summary
The focus of this project is to propose Adamson Hotel a strategic direction and business objectives in Malaysia hospitality and tourism industries. The first part of this report contains the environmental factors analysis of private hospitality industry in Malaysia through S.T.E.E.P Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces framework to analyze the current situation of surrounding environment, followed by the business environmental analysis with the use of S.W.O.T. Analysis and McFarlan’s Strategic Grid for business strategies improvement. Through the environmental analysis, the business objectives...

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Individual Part- Ali Ali Ahmed Aldhayani(TP022039)
Strategy Development
Earl’s Sweetmeats IS initiatives is define to be a low risk projects with a quick and certain profit or benefits return to the company (Earl Michael J, 1989)
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