Information System Proposal

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Information System Proposal
September 19, 2013

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Information System Proposal


Majority of businesses today require information systems. These information systems are needed to help these businesses run smoothly. Matt, my business partner, and I are opening up a small Brick & Mortar Nostalgic Record Store and he doesn’t have any knowledge of information systems or technology. Being these systems are important in today’s business world he needs to learn the different types of systems available to us and those that are suitable for our business. Though there are many information systems that could be discussed that will be needed to run our company this proposal will cover two so Matt can get the gist of how things will work together. Types of Information Systems

Transaction Processing System

The transaction processing system (TPS) is a point of sale. It’s a database that records and balances all transactions, purchases, returns, payment for services, online ventures, etc. for our business. That’s not the only thing TPS does it handles many other little components that makes up the system and how we will obtain our money from consumer purchases. TPS is also used for a company’s inventory, payroll, sales, profits, and much more. “For example, you make a purchase from Forever 21 with a bank card TPS obtains your bank information for payment, and counts business’s inventory, sales, profits, and payroll (Fitzpatrick).” TPS is also used for businesses that have websites that allow customers to make online purchases then in that case TPS will have to hold more of the customer’s information.

Batch TPS is transactions that happen over a period of time which helps generate reports and transactions for other systems for day to day duties that are to be performed. Our company will use this as our point-of-sale terminal also known as checkout and to help us transactions that are processed in...

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