Information System Proposal

Topics: Transaction processing, Supply chain management, Decision theory Pages: 3 (680 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Information System Proposal

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* Functional Area
* Transaction Processing System
* Office Automation Systems
* Executive Dashboard

When it comes to starting a business using the right information systems available can be a great deal of help and cause less of a headache. Before choosing a information system each one should be reviewed and taken into consideration, systems that can process payroll, track sales by product, and manage reports of totals for each customer not only can keep your data organize but help keep track of what is and what is not selling. The table below from the book Introduction to Information Systems shows the different types of information systems with its function and an example (Rainer Jr. & Cegieiski, 2011) Type of System| Function| Example|

Functional are IS| Supports the activities within a specific functional area| System for processing payroll| Transaction processing system| Processes transaction data from business events| Checkout point-of-sale terminal| Enterprise resource planning| Integrates all functional areas of the organization| Oracle, SAP| Office automation system| Supports daily activities of individuals and groups| Microsoft Office| Management information system| Produces reports summarized from transaction data, usually in one functional area| Report on total sales for each customer| Decision support system| Provides access to data and analysis tools| "What-if" analysis of changes in budget| Expert system| Mimics human expertise in a particular area and makes a decision| Credit card approval analysis| Executive dashboard| Presents structured, summarized information about aspects of business important to executives| Status of sales by product| Supply chain management system| Manages flows of products, services, and information...

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