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Management Information System (MIS)

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Information is an increment in knowledge: it contributes to the general framework of concepts and facts that we know. Data are only the raw facts, the material for obtaining information. Information systems use data stored in computer databases to provide needed information. A database is an organized collection of interrelated data reflecting a major aspect of a firm's activities.

An information system is a specific type of system in general. A system is a set of components (subsystems) that operate together to achieve certain objectives. The objective of an information system is to provide the appropriate outputs to the members of the organization.

Information systems have become the backbone of most organizations. In almost every sector—education, finance, government, health care, manufacturing, and businesses large and small—information systems play a prominent role. A business process describes the flow of work within an organization. It is managed and supported by an information system.


The standard definition is that an information system manages and processes information. An information system is a software system to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, or display information, thereby supporting people, organizations, or other software systems. Information system collects, processes, stores, analyzes and disseminates information for a specific purpose.

EX. A patient who consults a family doctor usually first tells the doctor about the symptoms. With this information, the doctor examines the patient and makes a diagnosis. Afterward, the doctor determines the treatment to heal the patient. Based on the diagnosis, the doctor may write the patient a prescription for some medication. Finally, the doctor must document the symptoms, the diagnosis, and the treatments. Today, most doctors use a software system to record this information.

1. Information systems capture data from the organization (internal data) and its environment (external data).
2. They store the database items over an extensive period of time. 3. When specific information is needed, the appropriate data items are manipulated as necessary, and the user receives the resulting information. 4. Depending on the type of information system, the information output may take the form a query response, decision outcome, expert-system advice, transaction document, or a report.




1. Hardware :- The term hardware refers to machinery. This category includes computer itself which is often referred to as the CPU and all of its support equipment’s.
Ex. Input and output devices , processor
2. Software :- Software refers to computer programs and manuals that support them. Computer software falls into two classes:
a. Systems Software : Manage the resources of the computer
system and simplifies programming.
b. Application Software : They are purchased as ready-to-use packages.
Ex. Windows XP , iTunes software


3. Databases :- Databases are organized collections of interrelated data used by applications software. Databases are managed by systems software known as database management systems (DBMS).
Ex. IBM DB2 8.2 , Oracle Database
4. Human Resources :- Professional information systems personnel include development and maintenance managers, systems analysts, programmers, and operators, often with highly specialized skills. Ex. End user , Consumer , Manager

5. Procedure :- Procedures are the policies and methods to be followed in using, operating, and maintaining an information...
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