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Question 1
E-mail, online conferencing , and cell phones have become essential tools for conducting business . Information system are the foundation of fast paced supply-chain. The internet allows many business to sell , advertise , and solicit customer feedback online. Organizations are trying to become more competitive and efficient by digitally enabling their core business processes and evolving into digital firms. The internet has stimulated globalization by dramatically reducing the cost of producing , buying , and selling goods on a global scale. New information system trends include the emerging mobile digital platform , online software as a service , and cloud computing. Oppa Trading Limited should use strategic business objective of information system. By using those objective they could improve their operational excellence , create new product , business , and business models. They could also increase their customer and supplier intimacy , and improved decision making. Question 5

An information system is a computer system that provides management and other personnel within an organization with up-to-date information regarding the organization's performance for example manufacturing and sales teams. It usually is linked to a computer network, which is created by joining different computers together in order to share data and resources. It is designed to capture, transmit, store, retrieve, manipulate, and or display information used in one or more business processes. These systems output information in a form that is useable at all levels of the organization. Online tools have a variety of project tracking capabilities that make it easy for team members to see the evolution of a project from day one. From tracking who made the latest changes to a document, to how the document was before the changes, to tagging a colleague to review the document, it’s never been easier to manage a project. As long as they have an Internet connection, team members can...
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