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Management Information Systems
MBA (2012 – 2014)
Term III
Case Study [Small Group Task]
Aim of the Component:
1. To develop an understanding of the nature and impact of information systems and related technologies upon organizations in general and on the decision making process; 2. To study the current trends in IS/IT, especially e-business/e-commerce and to understand the implications of these trends on people and organizations; 3. To become familiar with the process of making informed and insightful decisions concerning the use of information technologies and tools to achieve business goals and objectives: 4. To understand how IT can be used in generating competitive advantage to meet the strategic goals of a business. 5. To enhance the ability to present your ideas with others in a small group

The Task

Each two people group has to read the Case Study assigned to them (refer to the excel sheet provided) and do the following: 1. Type in a word document answer to the questions in the end of the case study including MIS in Action (or the additional information if MIS in Action not present in the case) and send it to me through email 2. In front of the class (on the day assigned) present the summary of the case and discuss the answers to the questions 3. Discuss MIS in Action

Addition information (if MIS in Action is not there in the Case) Eg. Comparing with competitor, providing latest information on the concept, any relevant video etc.

Time Limit for Case Presentation and Discussion in the Class- 20 Minutes

Evaluation (Weightage 10 in the overall)
Each Small Group will be evaluated on the following:
1. Accuracy and completeness of the answers to the questions at the end of the Case- Maximum 5 Marks 2. The MIS in Action or Additional Information component- Maximum 3 Marks 3. How well the group engaged the class in Case Discussion i.e. Presentation and Discussion skills- Maximum 2 Marks

The Small Groups...
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