Information Security Strategy and Architecture

Topics: Security, Computer security, Information security Pages: 5 (1522 words) Published: June 12, 2013
Manjesh Baidya
MIS 315
March 15, 2013
Project 2
Professor Dr. Bob Folden


The path for risk management and the security panels consumed by a corporation are offered by information security strategy and architecture, which is very important to any companies and organizations. The security architecture would need to define the way that obligation would be accomplished in the numerous regions of the corporate. Furthermore, the security architecture must report past activities that have affected the company’s information properties. These incidences designate areas that may need larger safekeeping controls. Fresh intimidations may compel differences in the security design and supplementary controls. The safekeeping design must also integrate with the current technology substructure and postulate assistance in inaugurating the appropriate risk controls needed for the corporate to accomplish its business firmly. Its purpose is significant in proposing risk management for the foundation and for organizing the controls that diminish that hazard. A safety package is not an occurrence management guides those particulars what transpires if a security break is noticed. It takes a usual method that labels in what way part of corporation is tangled in the package. A decent safety package delivers the immense copy in what way to retain corporation's facts protected. It designates in what way the package regularly will be re-evaluated and rationalized, and when we will measure compliance with the program. It’s also not a guide to feat intervallic valuations, nevertheless it perhaps does command when to do a safety valuation. The risk evaluation recognizes and measures the dangers that our safety package expects to accomplish. This is possibly the most significant unit since it makes us contemplate about the dangers our corporation aspects so that we can then choose on suitable, economical methods to accomplish them. Our security package outlines what figures is enclosed and what is not. It measures the hazards the corporation faces, and how we diagram to alleviate them. Consider that we can only diminish, not eradicate dander totally so this valuation benefits us to arrange and select economical countermeasures.

Being a CSO of the company, I must categorize corporation's info asset into diverse classifications that must be endangered from the intimidations and outbreaks that can lead to susceptibility, which are: A) Server: Each corporate firm that has huge amount of data devices like notebooks, PDAs and smart mobiles, which requires a chief foundation to join all of electronic devices to establish a proper flow of information. Our corporation has also set up a server that has tied up with all further CPUs and work as administrator. B) Database: Our Database contains all the indication of the corporation, customers, manufacture, contacts, reports, and promotion details. This information’s are most important to our company’s integrity. C) System Software: Our System Software includes programs such as operating systems, developments tools, different kind of software program packages, etc. System software is an indispensible computer source that accomplishes various tasks and lets users to use application software. D) Application Software: The key application software the company uses is the POS system. We have accomplished altered code for diverse worker to login into POS system application as it helps for discrete reports and their general presentation. E) Modems/ Wireless Routers: They are network devices, which attach all corporation CPUs to the Internet. Keywords or any other tools with a high protection must protect this device adequately. We have mounted firewall outside of the routers so that our system is extra protected. F) Smart Phones: In this era, people use smart mobile just for everything; check mails, texts, call, store info, etc. So, it is...

References: 1. “NIST Special Publication 800-26” cations/nistpubs/800-30/sp800- 30.pdf+Briefly+describe+the+approach+used+to+conduct+the+risk+assessment& hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESjWsu7qitF8SL73A6OtuEEEEhlvyDIUWu Fxqhzay_EQObocvPSI8tcOLHSCYea49VBp_0JeJu9emRHkcPY5ezuVwiiHfLx FxuyqZ7ykRzcQPQ8glG9HUkY02J4bmEUaeUl568_G&sig=AHIEtbTBobbsIltA jv-8GmMUYQbJY_YoNA
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