Information Security Governance and Cloud Computing

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TIRANE PRO-TIK Innovation Center close to AKSHI, Rruga, Papa Gjion Pali II, Nr 3, Tirane


22 / 01 / 2013 Cost: 290€ per participant

40% discount for all TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas clients 20% discount for all TÜV clients that have already accepted our quotations but audit has not yet finished
Are ISO (International Standardization Organization) and 27001 unknown words and just plain numbers? Is IT Service Management just a fancy way of saying nothing at all? Is BS 25999 something people should know about? Who is playing with the numbers 25999, 25777, 7799, 27799? Do you want to know what the name TUV, APMG, ITSMF, ISACA, ISEB, HISP and CSA stand for? Join this training course to get a firm understanding on the standards, the organizations and the principlas that lie behind these numbers and names. There are no prerequisites for the participation.

This training course is in fact a walk through the IT domain. The different areas that will be covered include: • IT Service Management • Information Security • IT Governance • Information Security Risk Management • Business Continuity • Disaster Recovery • Green IT • Cloud Computing

Tutor: Mrs ARGYRO CHATZOPOULOU, M.Sc., TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS IT Manager, ISMS, QMS, BCMS and ITSMS Lead Auditor, recognized IRCA Tutor, with more than 400 hours of training in relevant courses. Ms Chatzopoulou also holds the following qualifications : CISA, HISP, ISEB BCMP, CCSK

After the completion of this training course you will be acquainted with the most important standards that can be enforced in the IT industry. You will know the differences between the standards ISO 27001 and ISO 20000. You will be able to describe the difference in meaning between IT Service Management System and ITIL. You will gain

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