Information Security Evaluation

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Information Security Article EvaluationDerek MatthewsCMGT/44109/08/2014Roger ElrodInformation Security Article EvaluationIntroduction Security is the main concern for all enterprises and organizations. They have to monitor and manage all elements within the organization. Security breaches can cause harm to any organization by taking confidential information and giving that information to an outside source. The context of personal information is displayed by dates of birth, social security, names, and other ways to confirm him or her identity. A breach of security can bring pain to the pockets of any organization and injure one’s assets. This paper will explain the impacts a security breach can have on an organization, mainly within the Urology Medical office at the Henry Ford Health Systems hospital in Detroit, Michigan and will recommend strategies that will assist in avoiding future incidents. Event Background

The day of September 24, 2010, an unidentified individual walked into Urology office at the Henry Ford Health Systems hospital, the door was unlocked. A laptop was stolen, but it did have password protection software, the protection it provided was not to complex a person that had advanced knowledge of computers will still be a threat. The information that was stored on the laptop did not provide patients social security numbers or health insurance information, but did provide “patient names, medical record numbers, dates of birth, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and treatment and doctor visits” (Moscaritolo, 2010, p. 1). No one can provide an accurate number of how many records were actually contained, but we do know all records were related to prostate services that were provided during an eleven year span. Response to incident

When the laptop was notice being missing Meredith Phillips, who is the chief privacy officer at the hospital. He notified all patients involved via a letter by mail and offered each of them a free one-year credit...

References: Henry Ford Health System (2010). Urology Patients’ Health Information Compromised. Retrieved January 06, 2011, from
Moscaritolo, A. (2010, November 22). Sensitive laptop stolen from Detroit hospital. SC Magazine, p. 1.
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