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In today’s economy an organization must keep up with all the changes in technology; its employees must be given the tools needed to keep up with the changing market. “In difficult economic times businesses are forced to re-examine how they operate, resulting in tough, even painful, organization decisions”( Executives have to make tough decisions on the changes, some bad and some good with regarding Business Intelligence. “Business Intelligence (BI) is a set of theories, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information for business purpose”( It is basically a variety of applications used to analyzed and organized an organizations data, from raw to important information. “Tom Flick emphasized the importance of leadership in successful change management efforts. Re-thinking is the role a leadership plays key part in building a winning business model during lean economic times” (

Lesson Learned
It was a good decision when Marshfield Clinic and Exclusive Resorts, LlC upgraded their system, it was well overdue. They both had disconnected systems within their organization and were willing to invest in a highly recognized business data system.

Citing Appropriate Sources
Marshfield Clinic invested in an upgrade of their existing software. The program they used, data and metrics were not producing adequate information that could be utilized by those that needed it the most, the physicians. “We were keenly aware of the limitations of our analytics software, which was overdue for an upgrade,” explained Kate Konitzer, the manager of analytics for Marshfield Clinic. Their Information System (IS) department did a research before they invested in the new software; they had to find the right one to meet their needs and will...
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