Information Management for Leaders: IT SWOT Analysis

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Information Management for Leaders
IT SWOT Analysis

IT SWOT Analysis
Information management is an integral part in the healthcare sector’s operations. Health care providers use IT on a daily basis more than any other sector in the economy. Information management is necessary to keep safe and up to date the patients’ medical histories well as to provide a database for health researchers and policy makers. Many healthcare providers now use Electronic Health Record (EHR) to manage hospital data. Information systems are also crucial to maintain credible information for administrative, financial, and legal operations of the health centers. An effective Health Information System, HIS, is inevitable for hospitals for them to provide quality health care to the growing demand from a rapidly growing population. This SWOT analysis examines the information management of Skyline Healthcare. Skyline Healthcare is located in Los Angeles, California; it is along 3032 Rowena Avenue. The medical center borders Silver Lake. It consists of hospitals and rehabilitation centers for young adults fighting drug addiction. In addition, the center provides counseling and mental healthcare. Skyline Healthcare also provides care for the elderly in society. The medical facility operates through the week and opens from 8 AM in the morning to 8 PM in the evening. It has modern medical facilities and well-trained nurses who offer various health services. As a result, the facility serves many people from the city and other adjoining areas. The facility has an effective information management system to help in the effective treatment of patients and the administration of the facility. Strengths

Skyline’s information management allows nurses to retrieve information that helps them to improve the provision of services to the patients who frequent the facility. This is because the facility’s information system accurately stores information on patients’ details and...

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