Information Gathering Skills

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Qualitative research Pages: 3 (1130 words) Published: March 15, 2013
As a researcher choose a topic and describe the various steps you will go through in conducting the research. A CASE STUDY INTO THE PREVALENCE OF HOMOSEXUALITY
In conducting a research, the first step one has to go through is by identifying the problem or topic and this can be carried out through observation, investigations and undertaking surveys to ascertain or find out the cause of a situation or phenomenon of interest. Afterwards, a specific or particular topic is singled out of a broader range and tackled or elaborated. And in this regard, the identified problem in my research is the “Prevalence of Homosexuality in Africa” particularly Ghana and also why there has been so much sensationalism over it. Homosexuality comes from the word “Homo” which means Equal and can be defined as having a preference for sexual relation with and feeling attracted to persons of the same sex. Investigations are undertaken to find out the real causes of the situation and the impact it has had on the individuals involved and the country as a whole. Consequently, literature review on existing research is conducted on the said topic, which in my case is homosexuality. It is essential in my research in order to acquaint myself with the available body of knowledge in the interest area. Also it forms an integral part of the entire research process and makes valuable contributions to the subsequent steps. To effectively research on my write-up, it becomes imperative for me to have in mind broad areas I wish to investigate in order to set parameters for my research. Reviewing is primarily done to help build up on what has already been researched. It enables one to avoid replicating already researched areas of a topic and in the same way it provides substantive background information about the research to be conducted. In as much as it is undertaken to avoid repetition or summarize a researchers work, critiquing the loop holes in the study conducted is allowed and are usually...
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