Information Gathering for Business Analysis

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Information gathering and Accounting/Business techniques

Information gathering

Lucky Cement is listed on Karachi Stock exchange therefore getting information was never really a big problem. As primary data LCL’s own website was a big source of information for me, but I had to look into other secondary sources like company’s annual reports, newspaper, internet etc to make my analysis more comprehensive I used the following secondary sources to gather my information which enabled me to get the broad view of Lucky Cement’s Business and it helped me to make a better analysis of Lucky Cement’s Performance.

Annual Reports and Books

Lucky Cement’s annual reports for years 2008-2010 provided me with a bulk of information which I easily got them from Karachi Stock Exchange a company’s annual reports are undoubtedly one of the most important sources of information. The annual report includes company’s financial statements which helped me in analyzing the financial performance by finding the accounting ratios and then commenting on the ratios trends and movements. I used the annual reports of D.G. Khan Cement Company for years 2008-2010 which provided me with detailed knowledge for comparing the results and evaluating performance with the LCL.

Books from BPP and FTC publishers for ACCA papers of F7, F9, P2 and P5 were helpful to me in conducting my analysis and guided me comprehensively. I consulted books in preparing my research and analysis project they provided me technical as well as non technical knowledge.

Newspaper and Internet
Apart from the company’s website, I also visited the websites of Karachi Stock Exchange ( and All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association ( all these websites helped me to retrieve the recent news of Lucky Cement. The use of internet was very vital in making my business and financial analysis of LCL. I got the information regarding current profile and history of the company by visiting its website. I used search engines in order to obtain necessary information.

The articles and editorials from Business Recorder newspaper and DAWN newspaper ( kept me informed about the performance of the LCL and also with latest updates from the cement industry like for e.g. the share price movements, advancements in the organisation etc. Newspaper was also helpful in providing me relevant Information, various analysis and articles which helped me in making relevant conclusions.

Limitations of Information Gathering
There were different limitations while gathering information for my research and analysis project. The annual reports from the company’s website reflected the past performance of the company, but did not provide information regarding how the company will operate in the foreseeable future. Using business models is a helpful method in analyzing the industry and its environment but there was insufficient information available on the company’s website. Large organisation like Lucky Cement requires a great deal of time in order to prepare an analysis it was very time consuming to sort the required and relevant information. The data collected from different websites might be out dated there is a possibility of misleading and unreliability of information. The articles from newspapers and magazines available on the internet were sometimes not updated frequently in addition several websites required membership fees to attain the information furthermore the Information from Wikipedia was allowed by its users to be edited.

Ethical Issues
During the research work I avoided the use of information without the complete reference and tried to make sure that referencing to the available source of data is done I had to face ethical issues while gathering information, information which was prohibited by copyright for publication was only used as a reading material as it contains both ethical and legal...
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