information booklet for Boracay Island

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Information Booklet for the Tourist Destination: Boracay Island Philippines

Submitted to: Rubina Viera
Submitted by: Merita Soon (ID- P1000956)

15 May 2013

Information booklet for Boracay Island Philippines

Table of Contents
Information booklet for Boracay Island Philippines

1. Introduction
In this era of 21st century, travel and tourism plays a vital role behind the economical growth of a country. In this case study the researcher presents an information booklet for a particular tourist destination. The tourism industry is comprised of different and thousands of organizations and whose basic goal is to provide products and services for the tourists customers. The researcher has chosen Boracay Island Philippines as the destination and in the upcoming section she demonstrates the basic ideas of ‘tourism’, its role and the influencing factors. Besides this, the researcher projects the importance and features of the particular destination. 1.1. Definition of the term Tourism

The term tourism got lot of definition and the word itself means that it’s an activity done by an individual or a group of individuals. Definition 1: According to Hermann Schullard, the famous Australian economist, “tourism is the sum total of the operators, mainly of an economic nature, which directly relates to the entry, stay, and movement of foreigners inside and outside a certain country, city, or region.” Definition 2: “Tourism is the business of providing things for people to do, places to stay, etc. while they are on vocation.” From the definitions it is quite clear that there are no proactive definitions for the term. We can conclude that the tourism is a travel that is intended for predominately entertaining or leisure or enjoyable purposes.

1.2. Background Information of Boracay Island


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