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Information and Communication Technologies: An Overview

By gabriellavaida Oct 04, 2014 1263 Words
Communications Technology Essay

In the past years communication technology has developed very quickly. Technology has changed the entire world by enabling people to communicate with families, friends around the world instantly, gain access to libraries, information resources, etc. Communication through technology can be beneficial in businesses, families and general social life. Computers have changed the way people are living; it makes people’s daily life much more convenient. Computers are no longer a want but have become a necessity in almost every home in developed countries. Internet access is attained through the computer; banking transactions are made by the computer through the internet, schools across the world help improve student’s learning ability skills by using computers. In business computers are used to enhance productivity, to keep records, develop budget and forecast, research and stay in contact with other employees and customers. The internet has changed life in many ways. It has a major impact on business, family and social life. Communication is one of the main functions of the internet. Communication through internet brings family and friends together using Skype, Messenger, etc. Technology is so advanced that phones can store photographs electronically and share them with friends using chat rooms like Facebook and Twitter. Advanced technology allows companies to connect with employees, suppliers and partners around the world using emails and video conferencing. Internet allows browsing of websites through Google or Google Chrome, which helps people find information on specific topics; the internet facilitates training and job opportunities. It gives people the opportunity to shop for goods and services in different countries, book holiday packages, buy films and match tickets, it also enables people to do their banking online and pays their bills quickly and efficiently. One concern about using the internet is that viruses can crush and damage the hard drive of the computer. To protect the PC against hackers an antivirus package is needed to prevent stolen credit card details and private information; companies must used only suppliers who encrypt their payment sites. Safety when navigating the internet is a must for users; keep personal information safe by never giving it out to strangers. The mobile phone is an indispensable part of everyday life. Wireless mobile devices increase the scope for work and family flexibility by enabling the micro-coordination of time, task and schedule. People use mobile phones to facilitate family/household coordination e.g. planning meals, finding out where children are, and arranging to meet with friends or other family members. Mobile phones can be lifesavers as they can help people in emergencies. Mobile phones are useful for keeping in touch with people while they are apart. For businesses mobile technology can make life easier to communicate with their employees and be available for potential customers. Employees who have mobile phones can be reached faster improving the organization’s ability to respond on short notice. Computers have good influence in communication technology by creating jobs due to continue grow in careers in computer and information technology. Computers are a part of education for children and adults of all ages. However, computers can have a negative influence over younger generations, technology can lead children to become addicted to modern day like sitting at a computer game for hours or the constant habit of always texting and being on phone, which can be seen in all of society but resonates more to the younger population of the world. Computers can distract a person so much that they lose contact with the reality around them such as taking time out for family and friends or doing practical things like reading or exercise. The internet can have a positive influence on people’s lives. Communication through the internet brings family and friends together using Skype and Messenger. Child and adult sexual offences and cyber bullying have been increasing and have a negative influence on society. Internet passwords should be in place for protection and prevention of dangerous situations that may occur as a result of the exposure of personal details. Mobile technology brings positive influences as improve people’s lives in many different ways; they can bring people together through texting, social networking apps, video or voice phone calling. People can use mobile phones to surf the internet, play games, read e-books, take photos and videos as well as enable them to do other different activities. However, mobile technology has its negative side too. As the technology of mobile phones develops, people can end up neglecting the real spirit of communication by visiting friends, buying things in store or going out to watch a movie. Although mobile technology brings convenience to human lives, it can influence people’s lives negatively either physically or/and mentally, if there is an overuse of the mobile phone. Using mobile phones while driving is a distraction that brings the risk of a road traffic accident occurring. The Data Protection Act 2005 protect and regulates the processing of information relating to individuals and financial details including the collecting, keeping, use and disclosure of information. The act gives individuals rights of access in relation to their personal data. The process of personal and businesses data must comply with principles such as fairly and lawfully processed, processed for limited purposes, accurate and up to date, not kept for longer than is necessary. It requires that companies and institutions of the government keep safe and secure the information they hold on living people. When using the computer people must make sure that they can see the words and/or images displayed in front of them clearly. It is recommended that breaks should be taken during the time of use on the computer. Correct lighting is necessary for clear vision when using the computer for the protection and health of the person. Good ventilation provides fresh air that is needed when people are working on the computer, it helps people think more clearly. Working posture and the position is very important when sitting at a computer as it prevents back, neck and shoulder strain, it also allows blood to flow efficiently; ergonomic requirements should be taken in consideration regard to the health and safety for the person. Keeping volume low on a mobile phone will help prevent deafening or any other hearing problems. In conclusion, the internet and other communication tools give people the opportunity to work from home, be more flexible with time and more efficient in doing school projects. People should use the advanced technology properly rather than rely on it totally.

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