Informatic Practile Grade 11 Cbse .

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A Text Book on



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A text book on Informatics Practices, Class XI. PRICE : Rs. FIRST EDITION 2010 CBSE, India COPIES:

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Information and Communication Technology has permeated in every walk of life affecting the technology fields such as launching satellites, managing businesses across the globe and also enabling social networking. The convergence of computer, communication and content technologies, being known as ICT, have attracted attention of academia, business, government and communities to use it for innovative profitable propositions. Year by year it is becoming simpler to use devices such as desktop, palm top, iPod, etc. 21st century is characterized with the emergence of knowledge based society wherein ICT plays a pivotal role. In its vision, the National Policy on ICT in School Education by MHRD, Govt. of India, states "The ICT policy in School Education aims at preparing youth to participate creatively in the establishment, sustenance and growth of a knowledge society leading to all around socio economic development of the nation and global competitiveness". The policy envisages three stages of ICT implementations at school level - ICT literacy and Competency Enhancement, ICT enabled teachinglearning, and introduction of ICT related elective subjects at Senior Secondary level. With this backdrop a major paradigm shift is imperative in imparting ICT-enabled instructions, collaborative learning, multidisciplinary problem-solving and promoting critical thinking skills as envisaged in the National curriculum framework 2005. Foundation of these skills is laid at school level. Armed with such skills it is expected that a student will transform knowledge into easy to use systems to the ultimate benefit of the society at large. Syllabus of Informatics Practices has been revisited accordingly with a focus on generic concepts with domain specific practical experiments and projects to ensure conceptual knowledge with practical skills. The societal impact of ICT have been discussed. A new Unit on IT Applications has been added to enhance understanding of the above tools and techniques to solve real life problems by designing both front end and back end with proper data connectivity. Introduction of Open Standards and Open Source to promote Vendor Neutrality of tools. Creativity and Collaborative Learning/Programming is also an added feature.

Specifically, a Unit on Networking and Open Standards is introduced in place of Business Computing. For IDE based programming, Java is introduced in place of VB. Relational Database Management System is dealt with using My SQL in place of SQL & PL/SQL using Oracle. The CBSE had been recommending different books in the past. With a total overhauling of the course on Informatics Practices it has ventured to bring out a comprehensive text book for all units for the first time. I am happy to release Part-1 of Informatics Practices for Class - XI. I would like to express my deep appreciation to the text book development team for their contribution and to the convener of the team, Prof. Om Vikas who aptly steered this activity. Appreciation is also due to Mrs. C Gurumurthy, Director (Academic) and Dr.(Smt) Srijata Das, Education Officer, for planning, coordinating and executing this initiative and bringing out this publication. It is hoped that all students and teachers will benefit by making best use of this publication. Their feedback will be highly appreciated for further improvement.

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