Informal Report

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Informal report

Learning objectives
* Identify seven kinds of informal reports and four report formats. * Define a report project and gather data.
* Organize report data using effective headings.
* Present data objectively to gain credibility.
* Write information and recommendation reports.
* Write justification and progress reports.
* Write formal and informal minutes of meetings.
* Write summaries and to-file reports.

Seven Kinds of Informal Reports
* Information Report
* Recommendation Report
* Justification Report
* Progress Report
* Minutes of Meeting
* Summary
* To-file Report

Report Formats
* Letter format
* Memo format
* Report format
* Prepared forms

Letter Format
* For reports that travel outside an organization.
* Uses inside address, salutation, and other letter elements. * Divides information into groups with headings.

Memo Format
* For reports that remain within an organization.
* Uses TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT headings.
* Divides information into groups with headings.

Prepared Forms
* For reporting routine activities, such as sales, figures, or merchandise inventories. * Uses standardized fill-in forms.
* Produces uniform results.

Guidelines for Writing Informal Reports
Define the project.
* Write a statement of purpose.
* Consider primary and secondary readers.
Gather data from these sources:
* Company records
* Observation
* Surveys, questionnaires, inventories
* Interviews
Electronic and other research
Determine organization:
* Inductive strategy
* Problem, facts first.
* Conclusions, recommendations last.
* Deductive strategy
* Recommendations first.
* Facts, discussion last.

Good Report Headings
* Outline the text.
* Highlight major ideas.
* Identify facts.
* Point way through text.
* Provide visual resting points.
* Are parallel in construction.

Kinds of Report Headings
Talking or descriptive:
Students Revolt Against New Tuition Fees
Commission Proposes Three Remedies
Job Fair Involves Community and Campus

Parts of an Information Report
* Introduction
* Findings
* Summary

Information Report Introduction
* Explain why you are writing.
* Describe methods and sources used to gather information and why they are credible. * Provide any special background information.
* Give the purpose of the report.
* Offer a preview of findings.

Information Report Findings
(also called Observations, Facts, Results, Discussion)
* Use chronological, alphabetical, topical, or most-to-least-important method of organization. * Number or indent paragraphs.
* Underline or boldface key words.

Information Report Summary
* Summarize findings objectively and impartially.

Parts of a Recommendation Report
* Introduction
* ->Analysis of Facts
* Background
* ->Options
* Problem
* ->Alternatives
* Method of collecting data
* ->Limitations
* Findings
* ->Conclusions
* Presentation of facts
* ->Recommendations

Parts of a Justification Report
* Information
* Analysis
* Recommendation

Parts of Formal Minutes
* Name of group, date, time, place, name of meeting
* Names of people present; names of absentees, if appropriate * Disposition of previous minutes
* Old business, new business, announcements, reports
* Motions, votes, actions taken
* Name and signature of individual recording minutes

Parts of Informal Minutes
* Summaries of important discussions
* Decisions reached
* Items on which action must be taken, including people responsible and due dates

Summaries of Articles or Books
* Include primary ideas,...
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