Informal Letter Recommended a Short Story to Friend

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Kuala Lumpur Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: August 24, 2011
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Jalan Mahawangsa 53100 Kuala Lumpur 24th August 2011

Dear Neal,
How are you? I heard you caught in an accident. Hope you will be better in a short time and pass my greeting to your families. I write you a letter because i have found an interesting short stories that I want to share, so I recommended you to read this short story The title of the short story is Bunga Telor and Bally Shoes. This story wrote by Che Husna Azhari this stories is deal with the human issue especially relating to custom and tradition and cultural practice, this practice a far too important to be left out as the story brings out the meaning of giving bung telor to the guest s in Malay wedding This short story is about Jamal, a young man who decides to get married. His mother chooses a beautiful, educated, rich and cultured girl to be his wife. Soon, Jamal gets involved with the wedding preparations and discovers that expenses will be very high. Therefore, he works out a more reasonable budget. However, he still has to raise funds to pay for the expenses. Jamal tries to get a bank loan, but it been rejected it when he finds the loan repayment to be too steep. He is happy to get a small loan from his mother. Finally, on the eve of his wedding, Jamal has no good shoes for his wedding because he had sold his Bally shoes to his Cousin Lan to raise funds for the wedding. The story is told with some humor and has an ironic twist at the end. The writer has a detached tone throughout the story. Therefore, the reader does not get emotionally involved with the characters but watches in amusement at Jamal's attempts to raise funds and the ironic ending of the story There are lot of moral values that we can get from this...
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