Informal Letter Holiday In Malacca

Topics: Penang, Malacca, A Famosa Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: December 1, 2014
You have spent your school holiday in Malacca. Use the short note below, write a letter to your friend overseas about your holiday in Malacca. 

Historical Site
-visited A’Famosa
-bought souvenirs

Crocodile Farm
-saw many species of crocodiles
-watched crocodile-feeding session

Mahkota Parade
-large shopping complex
-watched movie in cineplex

A Famosa Water World
-enjoyed water games

When writing your letter :
 -Use all the notes given
 -Elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting  -Make sure it is not less than 120 words.

Do remember to:
   - Use the informal letter format
   - Use all the points given
   - Expand each of the points given
   - Write in paragraph

No. 34, Jalan Bukit Bintang2 ,
Taman Bukit Bintang,
11600 Jelutong,
Pulau Pinang.

14 January 2014
Dear Alice,

How are you recently? I hope you and your family are in the pink. My family and I are as fit as a fiddle. I received your letter last week. Sorry for this late reply because I have just spent my school holiday in Malacca with my lovely family. So, let's talk about my trip in Malacca.

            On the first day of my trip in Malacca, we went to the historical site, A Famosa. We bought some souvenirs there. We have also taken photographs there. After visiting A Famosa, we went to visit the crocodile farm. The way to the crocodile farm was very long and it took us two hours to reach there. But we chatted happily with each other so we didn't feel bored on the way. I saw many species of crocodiles there. It was really interesting! We also watched the crocodile-feeding session, it was really exciting to see many crocodiles trying to get their food together.

            The next day, we went to Mahkota Parade which is a large shopping complex and very famous in Malacca. There are so many things in Mahkota Parade...
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