Informal Lab Report :Chemical Reactions

Topics: Chemical reaction, Chemistry, Solid Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: December 1, 2013
March 18, 2012
Title: Types of Chemical Reactions
It turned a reddish brown and the liquid went clear.
The color change proved it was a chemical change.
The reaction turned yellow and it separated and created a fog. The solid formed precipitation and had a color change during the reaction proving it to be a chemical change. #3
There was green smoke and the crystals turned black. The green liquid turned dark green and continued to sizzle with water which turned the whole reaction to a liquid. The evidence is in the color change and when it created smoke. It also sizzled up which proved it to be a chemical change. #4

It bubbled clear and during the reaction continued to make a popping noise. It also fizzed up and created a gas. When it bubbled and turned into a gas was the evidence to identify it as a chemical change. Also when it created the popping sound when the stick was placed in the tube. #5

The water turned black and created smoke rings. It made the glow stick ignite back on fire. The chemical change was when it bubbled to make a gas. Also when the reaction created a fire was when a chemical change was present.

The lab went well and sources of errors were minimal. Test tube holders were used instead of a clamp set up for Reaction #3. MnO2 was used as a substitute and then in Reaction #5 it was used as a catalyst. Heating was not needed. Reactions: #1) Fe(s) + Cu+2So4(aq) →Cu(s) +FeSo4(aq) -Single Replacement #2) Pb+2(No3)2(aq) +K+1I-1(aq) →Pb+2I-1+K+1NO3-1(aq) -Double Replacement #3) CuCl2∙2H2O→Cu+2Cl2-1+H2O -Decomposition #4) Mg(s)+2H+1 2Cl-1(aq)→Mg+2Cl-12(aq)+H2(g) -Single Replacement #5) 3H2O2(aq)→3H2O(l)+O2(g)...
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