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Template for Project Proposal
MBA Projects 2012 – 2013
(1) If you wish to propose more than one project, please make multiple copies of this template such that for one project one template is submitted. (2) We usually receive more project proposals than the number of student groups available in our MBA program. Therefore, it may not be possible for us to ensure that each project proposal will eventually be taken up by students. However, my office circulates each project proposal to students for them to decide which projects they want to pursue. On receiving the list of projects, students normally contact a number of clients and discuss their project proposals before deciding which project they want to work on. (3) If a client receives expression of interest from a number of student groups, they are free to decide which group they want to offer their project to. For this purpose clients can use any criteria which fulfill their objectives.

1. Name of the Company Proposing Project

Kansai Paint (Pvt.) Ltd: Kansai Paint is the number one paint company in Japan and is among top five paint companies in the world. Kansai Paints Pakistan is the single major OEM paint suppliers to the OEM industry in Pakistan with a market share of over 90 percent. Kansai Paints is a Japanese multinational corporation that was established in 1918. The company came in Pakistan in 1992 in automotive segment through an intermediary. In 2009 Kansai Paint Pakistan entered the market with its offering of automotive, industrial, auto-refinish and decorative paint. Kansai Paints Pakistan (KPP) has been successfully manufacturing and selling the following paint categories in Pakistan: Decorative Paints OEM & Performance Coatings Water based Emulsion CED Technology Solvent based Enamel Wall Filler Primers Clear Varnishes Wood Care Automotive Paints High Performance Coatings Refinish Paints Specialized Coatings

2. Name & Contact Details of the Individuals Responsible for this...
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