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Film 1: Avatar, 2009; director: James Cameron

Avatar tells the story of a bitter and discouraged former Marine named Jake. Jake always thought that since he was sadly in a wheelchair that there was nothing else to live for. But when Jake is recruited to join an expedition to Pandora he is ecstatic. On his journey he meets a lot of wonderful “Na’vi”. During his journey Jake learns a lot of great values and remembers what it feels like to love life (Film Jabber).

Avatar is mainly influential because of its amazing use of modern world technology. The visual effects were pushed to the limits for this big Blockbuster movie. Director James Cameron’s passion for visual effect and his crazy tendency to be the first on the new technology was highlighted in the movie that cause a revolution in the movie industry (visual effect pioneer). Avatar was ready to be filmed in 1999 but James Cameron wasted satisfied with technology that was given in that time period so he waited for new technology to immerge and also tried inventing some of his own (Visual effect pioneer). With the viewing of this movie a new pair of 3D glasses were launched that made the experience of watching avatar in theater even better (Daily Mail).

Film 2: Inception, 2010; director: Christopher Nolan.

Dom Cobb, a skilled thief is the absolute best at finding out darkest secrets, deep within the brain, and when the mind is at its most vulnerable. Due to his ability to basically know each skeleton that people have in their closets. This has made him the best espionage in the business. Dom is called with his team to not steal and idea but to plant an idea in someone’s head (IMDB).

Inception is known for it’s most memorable scene of a chic modern hotel that defies the laws of gravity. In this scene we see the hallways shifting. As they bounce off of walls, it looks like a martial arts scene in zero gravity room (Blogs wsj). To build this memorable scene the production team constructed a...
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