Influences That Can Affect a Person's Skill Development and Performance

Topics: Control theory, Learning, Feedback Pages: 1 (363 words) Published: August 6, 2013
In volleyball, there are many different influences that can affect a person’s skill development and performance. The transfer of skills and concepts, feedback and the importance of practice are all influences that can affect you. The transfer of skills and concepts is where you are able to transfer one skill from a sport to another similar sport, in either a positive or negative way. This can influence the way you learn new skills in volleyball. For example, soccer in a way is similar to volleyball – and would allow a person to positively transfer some of the team skills in soccer, to volleyball.

Another influence would be feedback; which also, can be positive or negative. Negative feedback, such as swearing or screaming at the player can affect their self-esteem and cause them to hold back their potential - out of fear, and insecurity. While positive feedback; with clear, calm and helpful instructions, can make the player more confident with their abilities. It can also encourage them to stay disciplined and motivated – consequently resulting in better performance.

In volleyball the quality and quantity of practice plays an important role in a person’s skill development and performance. There are two types of practice, massed practice and distributed practice. Massed practice occurs when one skill is continuously practiced in a session with little rest periods e.g. continuously practising for 30 minutes. While distributed practice is where a variety of skills are practiced, e.g. digging the ball for 10 minutes, then spiking for another 10 and lastly, serving the ball for 10 minutes. The type of practice players will use usually depends on the stage of skill learning and the motivation of the player. Massed practice may be useful for highly motivated players, who are experienced, while distributed practice may be more useful for players in the early stage of learning - who find the skills difficult, painful or boring. Volleyball players use practice to...
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