Influences on the Constitution

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Influences on the Constitution
July 29, 2013

The Magna Carta was the first constitution written in European History. The Benefits where to keep the free man away from ever being imprisoned unless by a lawful individual. This influenced the constitution because the people still felt that they didn’t have the freedom deserved. That this constitution was only to benefit those of wealth. So when it came to the constitution of the United States they made sure that everyone was equal no matter your class in society. The Mayflower Compact was the first written form of government in the United States. It was written to segregate the non-pilgrims who were came to Plymouth. This influenced the constitution again by making everyone equal now matter there background with proper set up, paperwork and education they were able to stay in the U.S and live free. This was geared more for Puritans. The Articles of Confederation is the first constitution in the United States. This was to establish such a government and union that was powerful enough to defeat Great Britain. Being the first constitution this was the basis of the Constitution. It had a large influence on the constitution keeping in the amendments of the people and the government. The Declaration of Independence birth of the American Independence that we still live by till this today. There are 13 amendments for the people, state and religion.

From 1588 to 1679, English writer Thomas Hobbes has written tons of books that have received great recognition to the government in the past present and will continue on well into the future. Thomas Hobbes believed that humans were selfish and should not be in government, so to control the selfishness he believed there should be one king or queen to rule. But he also believed because humans were selfish that there should be a multi-cultural and unbiased group of people to help protect the people to ensure the king was fair for all parties....

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