Influences on Self Concept

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Self-esteem Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Influences on self concept
Age- Self concept develops by age in a human, due to social influences and this makes a difference to the way children describe themselves and also the way adults think about themselves/ lives. As people get older their self concept changes because they like to feel the same as people they socialise with. Jessica has changed over the years. The way she saw herself when she was younger was that she thought she was horrible because she used to get bullied in school. She is 24 years old born on 27th march 1988; she is still young so therefore has not shown many signs of ageing yet. Appearance- Between the age of 10-12, most children start to decide whether they are like or unlike others. They also decide if they fit in with others such as if they are popular with others or if they look good or not with others. As we are growing up we have a physical shape, the physical shape of our body height, weight, hair, eyes and skin colour all have an influence on self-image. People sometimes think that there is an ‘ideal look’ and if they think they look good then they have a positive self-image. If people think bad about themselves or don’t think they are attractive, they usually have a negative self-image. By having a negative self-image this could make people feel bad or cause them to have a low self-esteem. Also a poor self-image could cause someone to lack confidence or feel depressed about their relationship. Gender- Children are able to recognise gender at quite an early age, along with race culture and age, gender has a major social influence and thee for this affects how we understand our self’s. For men and women this is difficult because in the social life they are expected to act and dress a certain way, for example men are expected to behave differently from women and have different habits and interests from women. As self concept is involved, women tend to think differently from men. Men judge themselves against women such as their...
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