Influences On Delinquency

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Gender, Attachment theory Pages: 4 (726 words) Published: February 21, 2015
Influences on Delinquency
Many theorists try to answer the question why juveniles become delinquent. One of the central influences and main reasons why juveniles become delinquent is the lack of a strong parental structure. This essay will discuss how gender relates to how delinquency is manifested. Secondly this essay will explain how relationships with family and friends might lead to, or distract from, delinquency. Lastly, this essay will explain how success or failure in school relates to delinquency.

While the influences of juvenile delinquents may be the same for males and females, how delinquency is manifested is somewhat different between genders. Males have a tendency to be aggressive towards other and physically hurt someone else. While some females may become aggressive to others, many females tend to self-hurt by using drugs and other substances more so than hurting others.

Many of the juveniles in the video in this week’s lesson either had parents who physically and sexually abused them or had parents with a criminal background. A child’s family structure is extremely important for the overall development of that child. Children with negative family influences usually become delinquent. Bad parents make good delinquents. Delinquency can sometimes be a child’s plea for help or their inability to deal with the negative emotions they are feeling.

Parents who are actively involved in their child’s life will reduce the probability of delinquency with their children. Parents that take their responsibility seriously and live by a higher standard will help produce children who live the same way. When the structure is strong, the child can grow and be strong and make the right decisions and be a productive citizen within society. When the family structure is weak or has failed, the child will struggle and may become products of the criminal justice system. Psychologist Terrie Moffitt found that a small group of young people start a life of...
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