Influences on Children of Mass Media

Topics: History of the Internet, Minute, Internet Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Creating Media Awareness
me national average 14 10.5 7 3.5 0 the internet Reflections: In doing this study about media awareness, I had realized that I spend way to much time on the Internet. If I would really think about it, most of my purchases i have made was from the Internet. When ever I see a cool new piece of technology or anything of my interests it just intrigues me to want to buy that item. I compared data with my friend, Kristine tran, herself and I have similar amounts of adds in our day to day life's. In the graph above, the channel we have chosen was the Internet, just because we search on it the most we thought it would be cool to look into it more. What's funny is that Kristine and myself use the Internet for roughly 14 hrs the whole week! That's about 2hrs a day! We have looked up the national average usage of the Internet online. We were very shocked on the results. The national average is actually 10 hours and 45 mins, that only about 11 hrs! We were so surprised because here we were expecting a larger more greater number than our 14 and we got 11! Overall, our research was surprising and kind of broad. The research that we searched wasn't in age groups so our data we collected between ourselves and the national average isn't accurate with our age division. If I were to have more class time to work on this or if I were to be a bit more organized I think we would have more accurate and proper data. Ways that I can improve this accuracy is that i can take the average of our class's usage of the internet and compare that.


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