Influences of the Internet on Young People

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Website Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: November 7, 2008
Discuss the influences of the Internet on young people.

Nowadays, the Internet is very popular with young people/youth. Most of them spend a lot of time in surfing the Net. They believe/think/feel that the Internet has brought numerous/a lot of /many/a number of advantages. In my opinion, the Internet affects/influences/sways young people not only in good/positive side but also in bad/negative side. There is no doubt that the Internet has good influences in widening/increasing/improving young people’s knowledge. It keeps everyone informed. With few minutes each day, we can update necessary news. Moreover, more and more youth use the Internet to search/look/find out/seek information for their work or their study. They also can learn much about cultures, history, geography… through abundance source on the Internet/websites. On the other hand, there are three negative influences of the Internet on young people. Firstly, the over use of computer brings the bad physical effects. Some people harm their eyes by sitting front of the screen for a long time without rest. Other diseases such as stomachache, headache and back pain are easy to suffer. Furthermore, the Internet seems separate youth from the real world. Although they usually update news/current affairs, their face-to-face/direct communications are very poor. They contact/communicate with others through out websites like Yahoo, Myspace, and MSN… in stead of going out with family or meeting friends. Therefore, young people can loss their sensibilities/feeling/emotion in relationships or have difficulty in real communicating. In additions, a lot of website is not good for people to see, especially teenagers. For example, many more websites which cannot censor contain/include/hold incorrect/wrong/erroneous information, violent, sexy films, videos. In conclusion, besides improving our knowledge I think that the Internet increasingly affect in bad ways both physical and emotion. Although the Internet has played...
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