Influences of Dada on the Work of Jamie Reid

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Influences of Dada on the work of Jamie Reid
Jamie Reid has always been one graphic designer that has excited me; not only is his work powerful, but every piece has a meaning and reasoning behind it
Jamie Reid is most famous for his iconic sex pistols album covers in which he successfully managed to ‘subvert and court the media’ and was one of the first to break through the ‘permissive society.’ His controversial and unique way of thinking has led him to become such an iconic graphic designer.
Jamie Reids work is still well recognised and his iconic designs are still printed on merchandise such as T-shirts and posters. It is also coming up to the 35th anniversaries of the sex pistols album and Jamie Reids designs are still as powerful and recognisable enough to be used today.
In my essay I want to find out how the punk subculture was reflected in Jamie Reids graphic design and how he pushed the boundaries of what was redeemed socially acceptable. I will also be looking out how the Dada; a key movement in graphic design, influenced Jamie Reids work and the similarities and differences between the two.
The punk subculture firstly started around the 1970’s and it was largely characterised by a concern for individual freedom and anti establishment views. Punk music was a key part of the subculture, with lyrics often being very offensive and Jamie Reid reflected this in his graphic design.
One of the key graphic styles central to the punk movement was the Swiss style, which started around the 1950’s. This movement became widely recognised when the bicycle, tram and car had been invented meaning the mobile masses could read it at just a glance. In order to do this most Swiss graphic design consisted of minimalistic amounts of colour, normally two and at the most, three. A grid system was also commonly used which meant text and images lined up and presented a sense of uniformity to the viewer. The text used was also very simple and usually a san serif font,

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