Influences based upon the story of X

Topics: Sociology, Social status, Social class Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: November 5, 2013
Every being from the birth and onwards we have a diverse identity of the world. These identities are formed by numerous influences; some small like your favorite toy, sometimes more drastic like life and death. One individual influences cannot form an identity but a network of multiple influence branching off our names can. One of the main branches is our status: class, ethnicity, gender, job, nationality, race and religion are a few of the connected branches. This describes how we are presented by a general stereotype. Being a boy for example they are suppose to like sport and action but that does not truly describes the entire boy population in this world because they all have different identities. Our identity is also shaped by the media. The media is a powerful force that exists in our society. It is the driving force of the universalization of popular culture; this includes what are the latest trends, from our favorite superheroes to what's considerably "cool" to wear. Most of the times the media can become such a big part in our lives that doesn't just alter society but it changes humans both mentally and physically. Conclusively the media defines who we should be. The media takes effect to another point that influences an identity, people connections. With social media networks, texting, e-mail and other communicating technology we are connected to roughly over one thousand people each day. To the people we talk to and connected with our identity will change, sometimes every day. People that enjoy your company will motivate you and help you pursue your interest. However those who dislike you will do the opposite and can create serious or even harmful effects. In the story of X, the audience watch X manage these influences without affecting his secrecy. By evidence of the story of X, the surrounding environment of status, media and people connections is the driving force that shapes a human's identity.

"Don't judge a book by its cover", describes our...
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