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Teacher is someone that I think deserve nothing less but respect. Being a teacher is not about teaching but also changing someone’s life from nothing to a completely different person. I still remember majority, the name and faces of my teachers from kindergarten until now. I do admit, there are a lot of happiness, sadness and memorable things that connects me to them. It is not too much if I said that without them, it is impossible for me to stand and be here.

First and foremost, I was asked to give an example of a teacher that influenced me a lot in teaching. Well for me, one name stands firm among others and that name is Mr Abd Rahim. He was my previous secondary mathematics teacher. A very strict but concern educator. Although we met twice a week for tuition class, but I loved to follow his steps and become just like him. He uses group discussion in maximizing our understanding in mathematics. His teaching styles are very effective to me and the class. He divided us in to pairs according to our level and ability. Using this method, I found out that the members of the group are actually helping each other in answering the questions. It is a very excellent way in learning mathematics and other subjects. During this activity, members can consult and ask questions from the teacher.

After that the teachings continue with a discussion with all class members. He then asked representative from each group to write down the process in answering the question in front of the class on the whiteboard. If there is a mistake or the students can’t answer the question, he next asked other students for help. If no one is able to answer it, he will assist us step by step. This method of teachings helps us to think and find a way in answering the questions.

Before the class ends, he would take our 10 until 20 minutes to summarize his teaching and sometimes even motivate us with stories that he accouters during his days. Sometimes, he provides us with foods and we sat with...
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