Influence on My Life

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Throughout my life, as well as any other life, there has been many twist and turns. I have been through a lot and there has only been one person who has stuck by my side the whole time, since the first day I saw the world. Without him my life wouldn’t be the way it is right now, with me sitting here writing this essay for this school I have dreamed of being a graduate of. This person would be none other than my father, Raymond Jarrod Voorhees.

My father has always been by my side, helping me through everything. We have gone through a lot from how to hold a fork, to riding a bicycle, to walking across that high school graduation stage. He has always been there when I needed him, no matter the circumstance. Through the teenage years, with all the drama and games, I figured he would quit. But he didn’t, not as a father nor a best friend.

He is the shoulder I cry on when I need one, the counselor I go to when I need therapy, and the best friend I need when I need to gossip. He has put up with things that every parent dreads to put up with; the boys, dating, and of course the sex talk. Yes, like my best friend I talked to him about everything; there were no secrets between us two.

I’ve lived with my father for eighteen years of my life, coming home and being able to talk to him was the greatest feelings any daughter could have. But now me leaving wanting to go to SLU is my biggest threat. He won’t be there anymore; it will be all the phone calls I’m going to have to deal with. I’m going to have to find a new shoulder to cry on; although no one will ever take his place as my father or my best friend I will still be able to cry on his shoulder a thousand miles away.

My father was always there for me no matter how far apart we were physically; mentally we were always there together, jointed at the hips. I couldn’t imagine my life without him and I can’t imagine any other friend. He has changed me to become who I am today and I thank the Lord for that every...
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