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Topics: Bipolar disorder, Altered state of consciousness, Sleep Pages: 4 (483 words) Published: July 8, 2015

Bipolar Disorder
Tanya Reece
December 8, 2014
Tricia Ferre

What is Bipolar disorder?
Bipolar disorder symptoms and warning signs
Cause of Bipolar disorder
Prevention of Bipolar disorder
Thesis Statement
Bipolar disorder has a severe impact on the human population that affects individual sleep patterns, causes mood swings and occasionally violence.  It is a severe disorder that can ruin relationships and lives if left untreated, however new therapies and medications can minimize its affects and allow individuals to lead normal productive lives. A. Describe how altered states of consciousness related to sleep, psychoactive drugs or mediation, and hypnosis affect individuals with the disorder. 1. Sleep- is affected by the rhythms of the body, and psychological changes in the brain. The disease causes a person to feel sad, loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed, change of appetite and irregular sleep may cause a person to have mood swings. 2. Psychoactive drugs- These drugs have psychological effects. They change sensory experiences, perception, mood, thinking and behavior. 3. Mediation- practice on focusing, people meditate to enhance awareness and gain control of physical, mental processes, and reduce stress. 4. Hypnosis- In an altered state of consciousness can cause a person to be opened to suggestion, encouraging relaxation and sleepiness and the physical sensation a person should feel. B. Personality theories

1. Psychodynamic theories: Emphasize the influence of the unconscious mind and childhood experiences on personality. 2. Social-Cognitive theory: This perspective says that each of us has a unique personality because we have individual histories of interactions with the environment and because we think about the world and interprets what happens to us.

C. Therapies used to treat bipolar disorder:
1. Cognitive behavioral therapy in bipolar disorder: Based on the idea that...
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