Influence of a Grandmother

Topics: Family, Grandparent, The Dorsey Brothers Pages: 2 (833 words) Published: November 15, 2009
When school was out, and my mother being a single parent had to work days she would drop me off to stay at my grandma’s house. I would spend many of my free days having adventures in her flourishing gardens. Time well spent, trapping insects, collecting plants for “potions”, and acting as her trusty weed pulling assistant. I didn’t mind getting dirty and I loved the sunshine. She showed me how to properly transfer a potted petunia to the ground, making sure to dig deep enough to give the roots enough space to stretch and grow. The blackberry bush was off-limits to me and my sisters, for those were her specialty. I would try to sneak the lighter unripe berries relishing the tart flavor. If she caught me in the act she would remind me to be patient, and that they would ripen eventually. “Great things take time.” Towards the end of each summer my grandparents would take my sisters and me on a trip to a cottage up north, we stayed in a little cabin along Long Lake. In the early morning I would go fishing with my older sister Megan, her being a little squeamish I had to bait all of her hooks and help throw back her fish. However, in all of our family photos she was portrayed as some kind of brave fisherwoman holding her catch triumphantly. In the evenings my grandma would rally us all to go on a “lazy river ride” we would attach every floating object to the motorboat and float down the lake while my grandpa acted as Captain. I’m positive it looked ridiculous to the neighbors. I remember sitting and expecting more excitement, fidgeting with the lack of speed that I was accustomed to when normally tied to the back of a boat. My grandmother looked at me and reminded me that it was important to “slow down, just relax and to live each moment.” On the nights where my sisters and I had the privilege to spend the entire night at her house, my aunt would typically come over to make it a true girls’ night in. Popcorn would be popped, and your beverage of choice would be...
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