Influence of the Eu on Democracy in the Uk

Topics: European Union, Trade union, Employment Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: September 1, 2011
Influence of the EU on Democracy in the UK

One of the objectives of the creation of the European Union was to develop a single market and remove trading barriers so there would be standardisation of technical regulations and convergence of conditions between European markets. With this in mind, it saw the need for employers and employees to work together in order to achieve this. The main statement of the European social policy is the Social Charter (approved by 11 of the then 12 member states) which seeks to improve working and living conditions and ensure the effective use of human resource across the EU. This policy seeks to guarantee rights to individuals in areas such as freedom of movement, improved living and working standards, fair remuneration, freedom to join a trade union, equal opportunities for men and women, and protection for the disabled, children and adolescents in the workplace. In addition, workers have rights to be consulted and informed in the cases where there is new technology, collective redundancy, and mergers. It was agreed by the members of the EU that the Social Charter be implemented by directive so member states will be bound by legislation and utilise all necessary resources as to ensure its provisions. Companies in the EU also have the option of forming companies that operate on a Europe-wide basis and governed by community law. This is governed by the European Union Statute (2001). There is an accompanying Directive that requires employee involvement arrangements that includes collective bargaining on decisions, unitary board structure with worker representatives and sub-board level company council which comprises solely of worker representation. Trinidad and Tobago is influenced by this initiative. In the Caribbean, a similar initiative was created. It was called CARICOM and was established in 1973. Members of CARICOM also recognised the need for employees and employers to work together in order to create a successful single...
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