Influence of Space on Human Life

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Everything that on the Earth similar to that in the sky.
Hermes Trismegist

For thousand-year history human being has always tried to learn the world around him and looked into illimitable spaces of the sky. Human being has always felt hunger for knowledge. Thirst for new knowledge has always presented in the human being. The human nature itself has leaded us to discover previously unknown secrets.

I have always liked Apple Company. Now, when I have learned more about Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple Company I have understood why this company so imposed to me. Jobs and Waz put their souls into their business. They set a goal to be successful and searched greedy for new knowledge. Jobs's favorite expression is:

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.
If try to find qualities inherent to such successful people as politicians or businessmen it became possible to set the simple pattern that they put big sometimes fantastic goals before themselves and they have great diligence. It is a key to success, progress and development.

The Universe always has been the main object of the human being observation. Our ancestors looked into the sky and much was unknown to them. Illimitable depths of the sky attracted them. Movement of the Sun and the Earth and other celestial bodies were the main objects of scientific researchers at all times. The human being has begun to overcome the earth’s gravity several centuries ago. Half a century ago and so far, the only time the human being has left his footprint on the surface of the Moon. It is very small time span in the scale of the Universe. Our telescopes and spacecrafts cannot scan and overcome necessary distances yet. Technological progress level of a mankind does not allow studying space bodies we are interested in. It is necessary for us to make the next evolutionary step. Because there is a continuous movement and there are processes in there where we still cannot look in. They can change the Solar system configuration so to change our planet and life. We should study intensively and try to simulate possible exposure scenarios to be ready for unknown threats. The mankind should try to be rescued as in fact the future is in our hands.

I have chosen a theme of space randomly. My mother is a journalist. She makes films commissioned by domestic television channels. My mother has worked above her next film in 2008. This time she has chosen a theme of innovations in economy. She has convincingly showed the value of space researches for development of Kazakhstan economy in her project. It is generally known that the largest cosmodrome on the Earth is in the territory of my country. It is Baikonur cosmodrome. Yuri Gagarin the first person has departed to the space from the first launching pad of Baikonur. Today hundreds of rockets a year are launched from our cosmodrome. These rockets launch satellites, space stations and the scientific equipment into the low Earth orbit. Discoveries which do scientists in space help to develop science and agriculture and also to learn changes in climate and many other things. Then I would like to learn more about influence of space on our life and what can we expects after 100, 300 or 500 years pass. Also it was very interesting to learn what lurks beyond the Solar system. In fact we know very little about it.

In this project I would try to highlight only small part of the mentioned theme about the Universe Secrets as it is too extensive and deep theme to consider it entirely. Therefore, leaning only on known and clear to me facts, I have decided to develop such important theme in my project as “Influence of space on human life”.

Now would like to tell about my aim.
Based on the foregoing, I have a purpose to create informative electronic book for Miras International School community. With the help of my project I wish to inform others that the theme about the Universe can be very interesting. To learn about science researches and...
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