Influence of Sap on Management Style

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SAP AG is a software company with its headquarters in Walldorf, Germany, having branches in more than 130 countries. SAP AG is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue (SAP, 2012).SAP is generically the name given to any software made and marketed by SAP AG. SAP (System Application and Product) main product is SAP R/3 a highly customizable client/server integrated software (Khan, 2005).SAP AG developed software packages that integrated and combined a company’s business function together in a manner that reflected business best practices. Marquardt group a reputable company with its headquarters in Germany, specialized in making switches for battery powered tools and cars steering wheels. With the company having branches in various parts of the world they decided to implement a system whereby they can have a centralized report to be able to measure their KPIs, have a quick analysis of data to make strategic decisions quicker . Marquardt intended to achieve all theses by integrating SAP crystal solutions, SAP business Object dashboard software and SAP Business Object Explorer Software into the existing Business Intelligence solution and SAP Netweaver BW .This report is an analysis on how Marquardt group has benefited from implementing SAP system. This report will also discuss the relationship between SAP Netweaver BW and Crystal reports and a proposal on the alternative ways of carrying out the installation of SAP is contained in this report. 1.1 BENEFITS OF SAP TO MARQUARDT GROUP

Marquardt group enjoys very fast analysis of the sales and profit margin realised from the dealing with their clients. They are also able to know the products in each individual profit centres over a specific period of time, all these is achieved by few clicks on the computer and the data displays almost immediately. The new BI solution made it possible for data to be analysed 10% less time than it was before. This is an improvement on the former system. 1.1.2 TRANSPARENT RESULTS

The SAP ERP application was proven by Marquardt to be 99% accurate in terms of data analysis. All the required KPIs are combined in a single graphical interface. Sales from customers can be displayed with margin and manufacturing costs which makes it easier for analysis.SAP business object explorer makes it possible for managers and key account managers to see a customer purchase history in the last 12 months, the way the transaction was made and the profit margin involved, this is easily understood by the user because it is simplified. The centralized dashboard gives Marquardt decision makers a detailed general view of the company’s stand in business. These clear reports prevent unnecessary assumptions due to poor interpretation of reports that can lead to making wrong executive decisions. 1.1.3 CUSTOMIZED REPORTS

SAP ensures the creation of a centralized high performance-reporting platform that is peculiar to Marquardt alone, that is to say it was designed to meet the requirement of Marquardt group alone. You can pick up any required data from the data source to generate a particular report, present it in a chosen format and send it to out to those that require it. The reports are conditionally formatted to know when values rise or fall below thresholds, that is reports are standardized. The reports are presented in accordance with the company’s standard hence, they are customized reports. 1.1.4 ENABLING GROWTH

Data provided by SAP is well trusted; this enables the top management to know areas that the company is lagging and focus on it. All the reports from different branches are brought together in a central dashboard, the decision makers can now see an area that needs to be developed further and develop a growth strategy. The standardized reports works so well that the IT team receive less complain concerning system malfunctioning. This increases the...
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