Influence of Romantic Films on Young People

Topics: Romance, Emotion, Love Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: February 2, 2014
“The Influence of Romantic Movies in the Love Perspective of the Young People”

Chapter 1

The Problem and It’s Setting


You know those movies that leave you feeling breathless and speechless? The ones that make your heart beats fast, make you feel the sparks, make your feel the butterflies in your stomach, and sometimes, make your tears stream down your face. The ones that transport you to a different place and time and yet keep you frozen in the present as moment by moment they magnetize you and keep you bound in fascination. 

Romantic movies which involve beautiful love stories have been loved since the first romantic film had been made in late 1890s. For more than 100 years, romantic films have been considered as people’s favorite pastime, especially young people.

These movies make you feel the love. Love comes in all different forms. It is an element that constantly presents itself in everyday life. These movies is a good example because it continuously portray the different side of love through the movie scenes where it is obvious that two people love each other and are meant to be together forever. We commonly hear the words “I love you” exchanged between two people. But what does it mean to love? Does everyone mean the same thing when they say they are in love? Do young people already know what love is? Is it possible that their love perspective is influenced by what they see in romantic movies?

This thesis paper is all about one influencing factor in young people’s love perspective nowadays, the romantic movies.

Statement of the Problem

These are the questions that are to be answered after reading the whole thesis.

- Does a romantic movie really affects the love perspective of the young people? In what way? How will they know if it really does?

- And if it really does, how will they handle it?

- How will you know if your love perspective got influenced by the romantic movies?

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