Influence of Personal Behaviour on Enviornmental Attitude

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40. Preksha Sirisikar 41. Subhadip Mahalanabish 42. Sunil Mohan Deveshwar 43. Tausif Akhtar 44. Varun Mohan 46. Kiran K.P. INFLUENCE OF PERSONAL BEHAVIOUR ON

“We have modified our environment so radically that we must now modify ourselves to exist in this new environment” -Anonymous
Purpose/Aim – The purpose of this research is to examine the impact of various attitudes and personality characteristics on environmentally-friendly behaviours, from a locus of control (LOC) perspective. Specifically, we developed and tested a model linking a related construct, environmental locus of control (ELOC), to a series of pro-environmental behaviours. The goal of our research is to find out whether there are any correlations between personal human behaviour and the corresponding environmental attitude practised by him. Once such a relationship is established we will be able predict what kind of environmental attitude can be expected from what kind of person . We are using Locus of control to quantify personal human behaviour. It has a ten point score card , based on the score obtained we associate some characteristics to a person. The other tool that we are using is Environmental attitude inventory. This quantifies the complete environmental attitude the person shows. After obtaining the scores we will find the correlation between the two scores and based on the correlation we will give certain guideline that is needed to be followed to achieve good level of environmental consciousness from a certain group of population. Methodology- The subjects in the study were 40 Engineering students in a National Institute of Technology. Generalization of the findings is limited due to the sample (Students from one college), and the method employed (validity of self-report measures and the non-experimental nature of the field study).

Introduction to the topic:

The topic of our research is “INFLUENCE OF PERSONAL BEHAVIOUR ON ENVIRONMENTAL ATTITUDE.” The attitude a person shows towards his/her environment is largely governed by his/her her personal behavior .So on a larger scale we can say that the state of future environment of a certain place will directly depend on the personal behaviour of the people. So to keep the environment habitable we ought to have a knowledge of the behaviour of the people even more so the behaviour of college and school students, who are going to be the next generation. Based on our research findings we will be able to able to categorise people into different environmental attitude groups according to their personal behavioural pattern. Then we will be able to identify the groups with poor environmental attitude and their corresponding behaviours, so that they can be given the requisite training to improve their environmental attitude. The tool that we are using to evaluate the personal behavioural aspect is the Locus of Control. It has a 10 point scale, and based on the score of an individual out of 10 we will classify him/her into having either external or internal locus of control. The following table depicts the characteristics of people under the two groups.

External Locus of ControlIndividual believes that his/her behaviour is guided by fate, luck, or other external circumstances | Internal Locus of ControlIndividual believes that his/her behaviour is guided by his/her personal decisions and efforts.|


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