Influence of Nuclear Family to Development of Antisocial Behaviour

Topics: Mother, Domestic violence, Nuclear family Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: May 7, 2013

A nuclear family is a family comprising of parent(s) and children. This model of family is an important aspect in modeling the future of the children. It is within the family environment that a child learns the art of socialization. The family is the first teacher of any child. Therefore, the family a child grows in has a major part to determine how a child will turn out to be later in life. A child is a product of his/her family.

There has been a major evolution of the structure of a family because of globalization. The evolution has effects both positive and negative on child’s social behavior. Globalization has made even the women going out to work as opposed to the traditional woman whose responsibility was mainly home keeping and motherhood. This has made the nuclear family to has some changes which has effects on the child’s social behavior.

There are different types of nuclear family. The first type is the traditional nuclear family that comprising of father, mother and children. There is the single parent nuclear family that comprise of one parent (either mother or father) and the children.

Antisocial behavior is any behavior that does not correspond with the set rules of any community. The indicators of antisocial behavior may including stealing, vandalism, addiction to drugs, bullying and school absentiseem in children. In adulthood the behavior may include marital breakdown, gender based violence, drug abuse and negligence of his/her family. This behavior is likely to cause harm or distress to the people around the affected person.

Parenting styles

The family being the first source of education to children has a major part to play in the development of antisocial behavior. There is a strong relationship between one’s upbringing and acquiring antisocial behavior. The type of upbringing one gets determines who he’ll turn to be.

There are different types of parenting. These include the uninvolving parenting. These are the...
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